Envio's Towing Dispatching Software 

Envio’s Roadside Assistance Dispatching Software was designed with the small roadside assistance business owner in mind. This roadside and towing dispatching software tool allows you to have an affordable solution to dispatch your roadside assistance calls, manage your drivers, and have a complete overview of how efficient your roadside and towing business is running.

Some of the typical problems roadside assistance and tow companies come across when dispatching are:
  • Calls are lost and faxes are getting backed up
  • Drivers are missing their ETAs
  • The auto clubs keep calling to check the status of your calls

With Envio's Roadside Assistance Dispatching Software you can have a web-based, affordable solution to manage your roadside assistance calls. Now you can track each call, and manage the flow of calls as they are completed.

With this dispatching software you can:
  • Track your roadside call history and current status of your drivers
  • Send out mobile alerts to your driver’s mobile phone or smartphone
  • View your business with easy to read reports

With Envio’s roadside assistance dispatch solution in mind, you will be able to grow your business without having to add the overhead cost of hiring multiple dispatchers, additional phone systems, and unnecessary computers. Also because Envio is web-based, you don’t have to worry about installing any complicated software.

Being a previous Roadside Assistance business owner myself, I have designed this software to easily integrate with your current operation with minimal effort.

Having a reliable source to manage your business is the key to growth. Give us a try for 14 days and you make the decision on whether using Envio’s Roadside Assistance Software is right for you and your business.


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